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Get to know justinthelightguy!



Hello! I'm justinthelightguy, the guy behind all the tik tok's. The show started in 2004 back in Arizona with my dad, moving the show to Texas we became some of the first people to do lighting to music! The show continued until 2012. That's when the show moved to New Hampshire.

Taking The Show To NH

We moved to New Hampshire in 2013 due to unemployment back in Texas. We didn't plan on doing anything until 2015. That's when we started buying thousands of pixels, getting ready to bring the show back to life after almost 3 years. We started small, we were used of using LED AC lights so pixels were a whole new game. December 8th was when the show's magic came to life. With only 4,000 pixels total we fired up with ease but with some problems, and after getting messages from people saying we made their family's day it really inspired us to keep expanding the show. Every year we try to add something new, and with tik tok becoming big, we don't ever plan on stopping the show.



Picture of the most iconic talking tree on Tik Tok! Being viewed over 23 million times!

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